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SigMon®-Terrestrial Monitoring Provides The Following Functions:

  • Detect, Analyze and Locate RFI 20 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Determine Emitter Direction in Real Time
  • Determine Emitter Location in Real Time
  • Display Emitter Location on Map
  • Create Automatic Testing Plans
  • Store Measurement Data
  • Playback Historical Data
  • Report Channel Occupancy

SigMon® provides RF spectrum monitoring, direction finding and geo-location from fixed sites, vehicles and portable applications. Systems can be networked to connect both fixed and mobile sites. Alarms notify users of exceptional conditions in real-time. Automatic spectral occupancy statistics are provided to survey spectrum usage. A wide variety of report templates are available to save analysis time.  SigMon can be used to collect evidence to help customers resolve EMC and EMI problems and enforce spectrum allocation policies.

Integrated Systems Capability
SAT integrates systems for specific customer applications, including fixed site and mobile requirements. From the basic SigMon configuration, special options are selected for the applications. For example, typical systems include a combination of direction finding, geolocation and mapping. SigMon Systems have been integrated into multiple vans and fixed sites networked with each other and a central operations center.

Selected by Commercial & Government Organizations to resolve RF Interference affecting communications links.

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