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Changes in geolocation architecture, driven in large part by Kratos, have resulted in global systems that are much more affordable than in the past, and increases in usability have made systems much easier to use.

satID®-Signal Geolocation System
satID is an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating ground-to-satellite transmission sources. A leader in its field, sat ID is powerful, flexible, modular, and uniquely blends complex science and algorithms with sophisticated hardware and DSP processing, resulting in an easy-to-use package for locating and identifying sources of accidental interference, equipment failure, operator error, or intentional abuse.

With satID you’ll experience:

  • Geolocation accuracy to within 5 km
  • A flexible user interface that enables more effective workforce utilization
  • Faster, more accurate results with map-driven user interface
  • Easier integration with Monics to geolocate hidden carriers
  • Improved efficiency and usability with scenario templates, enhanced automation features
  • Modular architecture design makes multiple site deployments more affordable

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