Signal Geolocation System


Signal Geolocation System


satID, provides an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for geolocating and identifying sources of RF interference. satID capitalizes on the integration and features several key capabilities of Monics to increase productivity and generate faster geolocation results.

Faster Results and Map-Driven User Interface

satID employs a map-driven user interface to provide operators with the ability to perform geolocation scenarios more efficiently and effectively. The result is a reduction of time to locate interference with this fresh concept providing flexibility in terms of approach and scenario visualization. In most cases, scenarios can be created and begin receiving pinpointed geolocation results displayed on a map within minutes.

Increased Productivity

The intuitive user interface provides flexibility both in terms of approach and scenario visualization. This philosophy allows the tool to suit the user therefore increasing performance and productivity. With the advanced scenario configuration, which includes beam visualization and transponder time delay configuration, level 1 operators can now perform many geolocation scenarios instead of passing the problem along to a higher level operator as they may have needed to do in the past.

Monitoring and Geolocation

satID is an unparalleled system that integrates both monitoring and geolocation into a single easy to use solution. By integrating Monics, satID can identify important monitoring feedback, such as detailed carrier-under-carrier characterizations which simplifies the task of geolocating hidden carriers deliberately or accidently interfering with legitimate satellite traffic. Having the elements required for RFI mitigation integrated into a single solution provides complete scenario analysis and greater geolocation confidence.

Unmatched Accuracy

satID is the most accurate geolocation product available today, geolocating within 5 km of the interfering signal. In many cases, the ephemeris accuracy may need to be increased for geolocation scenarios to produce accurate geolocation results. To solve this issue SAT developed Ephemeris Error Compensation (EEC). EEC is a time proven tool that dramatically improves accuracy of satID geolocation scenarios by correcting the inaccurate ephemeris prior to the scenario being performed.

Key Features:

  • Map-driven user interface allows operators to perform geolocation scenarios more efficiently and effectively
  • Integrated with Monics® to provide single solution for monitoring and geolocation
  • Flexible architecture can support one to many geographical sites
  • Patented EEC dramatically improves accuracy
  • Integrated operator notebook
  • L, S, C, Ku, Ka, UHF and X band geolocation
  • 24x7 Customer Support

Test and Training

For enhanced operator training and system test, satID can include our optional hardware simulation system satID GeoSim. The satID GeoSim system accurately models geolocation environments by recreating the real-world RF signals received by satID, adding the full set of physics effects imparted on signals as they travel to and from satellites. This exclusive technology enhances geolocation operations and sharpens operator's reaction skills, allowing users to more quickly and more cost-effectively diagnose and restore link problems. For more information about these capabilities, download the satID GeoSim datasheet.

Models and Options


  • satID Express
  • satID Essential
  • satID Expert
  • Transmit Unit
  • satID GeoSim

All satID models include

  • Foundational Geolocation Functionality
  • Ephemeris Support
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Complete Documentation
  • Flexible Mapping

Hardware for all models

  • Processing Platform (Dell Server Class PCs)
  • L-Band Acquisition chassis
  • L-Band Signal Distribution
  • Timing and Trigger Source
  • Gigabit Networking
  • Remote Controlled PDU
  • 19" Equipment Rack (24U)
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

Other Options

  • Advanced Ephemeris Support
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Desweeping Wizard
  • Retransmit Wizard
  • Advanced Signal Support
  • Multi-Site Support
  • RF Switching and Down Conversion
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