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Monics®-Satellite Carrier Monitoring System

Monics is an enterprise networked carrier monitoring system. Systems are as small as a single site or scaled to provide a multi-site configuration. Monics is typically chosen by the satellite operator or service provider who is looking for unbounded monitoring capability. The system can include a powerful digital signal processor, the SAT-DSP 5500, a high speed measurement instrument that simultaneously displays the desired carrier and any interfering carriers. In addition, it provides modulation information about both carriers.

  • Automatic Monitoring/Alarms
  • Automatic Interference Detection
  • Multiple Monitoring Sites
  • Extensive Carrier Management
  • Open Database Interface
  • Carrier Under Carrier Display
  • FEC Reporting
  • TDMA/FDMA Display
  • Transponder Compression Monitoring
  • Manual & Automatic Monitoring
Monics interfaces with:
  • Compass Network Management
  • Complan Transponder Planning
  • Epoch Satellite Control
Monics is used by the largest satellite operators and telecommunications providers.

Spectrum Monitoring Network
Monics is a distributed satellite communications monitoring system. From a central Network Operations Center, operators can monitor data and spectrum from an unlimited number of remote monitoring sites. Each local network server allows the local (remote) site to function as a part of the network or autonomously. Measurement data and spectral traces are stored for viewing of historical information.

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