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Satellite Carrier Monitoring System

Monics is an enterprise networked carrier monitoring system. Systems are as small as a single site or scaled to provide a multi-site configuration. Monics is typically chosen by the Satellite Operator or Service Provider who is looking for unbounded monitoring capability. The system can include a powerful Digital Signal Processor that simultaneously displays the desired carrier and any interfering carriers. In addition, it provides modulation information about both carriers.



Digital Spectrum Analyzer

The SAT-DSA is a modern spectrum analyzer with advanced features made possible by digitizing up to 85 MHz of bandwidth and then using analysis software to determine important modulation and interference characteristics. The DSA's unique signal characterization is not possible with a traditional spectrum analyzer. Characterization parameters help to maintain traffic quality and to identify an interference source.



Signal Geolocation System

The satID® Geolocation System is an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating ground-to-satellite transmission sources. Powerful, flexible, and modular, satID uniquely blends complex science and algorithms with sophisticated hardware and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), resulting in an easy-to-use package for locating and identifying sources of interference due to equipment failure, operator error, intentional jamming, and unauthorized users.



Detect, analyze and Geo-Locate RFI 20MHz to 40 GHz

SigMon provides RF Spectrum Monitoring, direction finding and geo-location from fixed site, vehicles and portable applications. Systems can be networked to connect both fixed and mobile sites. Alarms notify users of exceptional conditions in real-time. Automatic spectral occupancy statistics are provided to survey spectrum usage. A wide variety of report templates are available to save analysis time.

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