Detect, analyze and Locate RFI 20MHz to 40 GHz


Detect, Analyze and Locate RFI 20 MHz to 40 GHz

  • Determine emitter direction in real time
  • Determine emitter location in real time
  • Display emitter location on map
  • Create Automatic testing plans
  • Store measurement data
  • Playback Historical Data
  • Report Channel occupancy
  • Resolve EMC/EMI problems
  • Enforce spectrum allocation

SigMon® Summary

SigMon® provides RF Spectrum Monitoring, direction finding and geo-location from fixed site, vehicles and portable applications. Systems can be networked to connect both fixed and mobile sites. Alarms notify users of exceptional conditions in real-time. Automatic spectral occupancy statistics are provided to survey spectrum usage. A wide variety of report templates are available to save analysis time.

Integrated Systems Capability

SAT Corporation integrates systems for specific customer applications including fixed site and mobile requirements. From the basic SigMon configuration, special options are selected for the applications. For example, typical system include a combination of direction finding, geolocation and mapping.

SigMon Systems have been integrated into multiple vans and fixed sites networked with each other and a central operations center.

Selected by Commercial & Government Organizations to resolve RF Interference affecting communications links.

SigMon® Basic Building Block

Cost effective PC based automatic RF Monitoring tool that automates and controls a single spectrum analyzer, providing modular design for integration into more complex monitoring and Direction Finding Systems.

  • Automated measurements & analysis
  • Automated alarms & reports
  • Data archives & reporting
  • Supports Omni & DF antennas
  • Supports most COTS spectrum analyzers

Transportable or Fixed Racks

SigMon provides RF monitoring and Direction Finding with Map and geo-location. Available for various vehicles, portable or fixed site applications.

  • Transportable between vehicles
  • Integrated dedicated vehicle option
  • Vibration & shock resistant mountings
  • Flexible PC mounting
  • Expandable functions
  • Integrated network capability

Man Portable Cases

Provides small monitoring & analysis capability in a suitcase version for portability applications. Uses state-of-art miniature spectrum analyzer with small flexible omni and DF antenna systems.

  • Single man carry & Operations
  • Secures into passenger seat
  • Operates from cigarette lighter
  • Flexible Omni & DF antenna mountings

Direction Finding Antenna Broadband 20 MHz to 18 GHz

This broadband DF antenna can be integrated into any SigMon DF applications. The solid-state rugged design (with no moving parts) provides high reliability for portable and fixed site requirements.

  • 20 MHz to 3 GHz Low Band
  • 2 GHz to 18 GHz High Band
  • Planned growth to 40 GHz
  • Single mounting with unobserved views
  • Roof top or mast mounted vehicle applications
  • Remote portable or fixed site applications

Direction Finding & Geo-Location

Using either mobile or multiple networked fixed sites, SigMon® maps RFI sources. Geo-locates intermittent signals in real-time or from recorded data. Automatic integration and control of network information on digital map.

  • GPS Location
  • Compass Heading
  • Angle of arrival
  • Geolocation
  • Historical Playback
  • DF Confidence indicator

Analysis & reports

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis with proven software algorithms.

  • Performs automatic measurements & recording
  • Interactive investigation & analysis
  • Visual displays of signal information
  • Setup frequency monitoring plans, including thresholds & masks
  • Ready to use report templates
  • On-line help
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