Digital Spectrum Analyzer


Digital Spectrum Analyzer

The SAT-DSA is a modern spectrum analyzer with advanced features made possible by digitizing up to 85 MHz of bandwidth and then using analysis software to determine important modulation and interference characteristics. The DSA's unique signal characterization is not possible with a traditional spectrum analyzer. Characterization parameters help to maintain traffic quality and to identify an interference source. SAT-DSA includes powerful Digital Signal Processor that simultaneously displays the desired carrier and the interfering carrier. In addition, it provides modulation information about both carriers.

SAT-DSA is typically chosen by satellite users who can't take a chance on being shut down by interference. Also, it is chosen by Satellite Operators in place of a traditional spectrum analyzer.

SAT-DSA is a modern solution solving the limitations of a traditional Spectrum analyzer.

  • Manual or Automatic Monitoring
  • Abnormal Carrier Alarms
  • Automatic Interference detection
  • Automatic Parameter measurements
  • Data and trace storage
  • Carrier under Carrier display
  • FEC reporting
  • TDMA/FDMA display
  • Transponder compression monitoring
  • Controls various input switches
  • 70 MHz or L-Band input
  • Upgradable to Monics system
  • Historical trace & Measurement playback

Example showing the Basic SAT-DSA configured for C-Band and Ku-Band


Automatic Monitoring

Automatic monitoring repeatedly tests carriers defined by a user initiated plan. Tests include: Center Frequency, Bandwidth, RF Power and Eb/No. It also reports modulation characteristics including: Modulation Type, symbol rate and FEC.

SAT-DSA provides alarms when an interfering carrier is found in either under the desired carrier or in an unused portion of the transponder. Reports are displayed indicating the parameters for both the desired and interfering carrier.

Scalable to Monics

SAT-DSA is a software upgrade away from being a Monics monitoring site. No hardware change is required. This means, in the future when your requirements require a more comprehensive carrier management system, SAT-DSA can be upgraded to any level of Monics capability.


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